Monday, June 15, 2009

Namada Chilume

Is one of the chronological place which has a small distort of water flow, it is said that this streak of water is flowing from Threthra yuga it is said in history that during Rama - sitha vanavasa, Sitha was thirsty to quench her thirst Rama aimed a arrow to a Rock from which water splurged out since than this spring of water has never got dried up even during worst droughts.
Source from which this water is flowing is unknown till today. It has thick forest and beautiful Deer Safari which is quite amusing. It has beautiful Travellers Bungalow which makes staying here more pleasant. This place is 62km to 65km from Bangalore, 8km from Tumkur.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Devarayana Durga

Devarayana durga Known as DD hills with wide forest and army to Vijayanagar kingdom. This place was named as Devarayana Durga in 1696 when it was under the control of Mysore’s Chikkadevaraja wodayar before which it was known as Anebiddajari, Jatakana Durga, Kari Giri.

At the tip of mountain there is Kumbi On which there is "YogaLakshmiNarasimha" Temple and on mountain there is "BhogaLakshmiNarasimha" Temple. There are Pushkarnies called Narasimha thirtha, Parashara thirha and Padha thirtha.

Goravanahalli Lakshmi Temple

About 30Km from Tumkur in Koratagere taluk there is a renowned Lakshmi Temple whose idol is said to be self originated, there will be special poojas which will be performed on Fridays.

This is very nice and powerful temple in Karnataka State.


On South Kunigal Road of Tumkur at about 6 Km there is Chenna keshava temple which is of Hoysala's period it is said that icon of Sri Chenna Keshava is carved by famous architect Sri Jakanachari and his son Sri Dankanachari.

Madhugiri Eka Shilla Betta

Madhugiri is a place in the Tumkur district 40kms away from Tumkur. Overlooking the town of madhugiri is a large hill, believed to be the second biggest rock dome in the area,
the first being savanadurga. There is a historic fort on top of the hill, and the maidanahalli blackbuck sanctuary is 20 Odd kilometers away.
The highlight is the rock dome, atop which Stands a fort, once official to Hyderaali.
There are a series of doorways leading to the top and the climb is steep and showing in some places. On the top is ruined Gopalakrishna temple.

Siddara Betta

This place is a treasure trove of natural wonders,
With many caves and medicinal herbs. On top of
The hillock a usual spring with ice cold water
Gushes out and it has medicinal value. A temple
In its vicinity attracts a lot of pilgrims, situated
At 20 Kms from Tumkur.

Marconahalli Dam

Marconahalli Dam: Has a Reservior built across Shimsha River. Boating is accessible here.
The cone shaped hill offers a breathtaking view from its top. Also known for the shrines of Gangadareshwara and Honnadevi situated 20KM from Tumkur.